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presentation-407291_640Redefining your perception of reality Looking for ways to relate and elevate Constantly seeking the revelation that pushes you forward

Revelation comes by changing the way we think. When we change the way we think, we change the way we do. When we attach our purpose to what we do, we get synergy. This creates a powerful dynamic in life that brings the whole picture together. Are you ready to become a respected thought leader? Then it’s time for you to Relavate.

Relavate Motivational Speaking

Positive Results are not achieved by accident. Get motivated. Get Inspired. Learn how to live a better professional and personal life with powerful speeches from Brian Dobbs.

Relavate Coaching

Maximize your personal potential through strategies, action plans, and coaching tailored to you.

Relavate Workshops

Participate in fast-paced, energized, mission-centered workshops created specifically to meet your unique needs and vision.

What Our Clients are Saying

I have known Brian Dobbs for about a year. Brian Dobbs, the owner of Relavate, is one of the most caring and knowledgeable training resources available to real estate and other business professionals. He has a special ability to to coach one on one, getting to the root of whatever challenge his client may have and helping to set up and manage strategies to improve performance. Brian’s presence in class settings is a treat to observe. Through a mix of humor and both personal and professional insights, Brian gives participants strategies on how to market, sets up performance expectations, and then holds participants accountable to their commitments during ensuing sessions. These techniques make for a very effective learning experience. John C. Allen III

Community Insurance Advisors

Brian Dobbs, owner of Relavate, has been able to help me with the trouble areas in my business and has shown me how to define my target market, leverage my abilities to reach them, and create a concise six month plan of action, which has in turn maximized my results.  Within only three short months of coaching, my bottom line increased by 10% above projection the first month, 15% above projection the second month, and 25% above projection the third month.  Coaching really does work and Brian is the best in the business. Brandon Burden

Managing Principal, Spectrum DFW

Thank you so very much for your counsel, your encouragement, your prayers. I had 23 closings in 2015. That is at least double of years past. I believe it is by the Grace of God, all of it but also by my implementing many of the Relavate suggestions on thought patterns and business development. I pray God will bless you and yours abundantly. Cheryl L.

Brian Dobbs helps bring clarity through Relavate’s unique system. His business knowledge and coaching efforts have provided me with the knowledge to get a better grasp on my business, where I am going with it and most important tasks that I should be focusing on to grow my business. I found Relavate’s universal and unique approach to coaching to be more productive for me as well as “out of the box” compared to the many other coaching programs I have pursued in my industry. Robyn Heathcock

Keller Williams Realty