Redefine – Relate – Elevate – Revelation

Transforming lives through professional and personal development

What Does “Relavate” Mean?

Relavate means to redefine your perception of reality, because when you change your perspective, you transform your life.

It means to look for ways to relate to others and elevate them. When we work with our community and organization, we harness the power to build up not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Relavate is a symbol of internal and external revelation that draws you towards that which waits for you in your potential.

Who Can Relavate?

Relavate is an approach anyone can use to maximize their potential, but Brian frequently works with:

  • Professionals 
  • CEOs 
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Entrepreneurs

You Can Relavate Too!

If you need greater clarity in your business and life, then the Relavate Approach is right for you. 

Get crystal-clear on your business plan, where you need to focus your energy, and find the results you want in every area of your life through this simple method. Clarity and focus are the key to achieving your goals, and Brian can help you cultivate them both. 

Do your employees need inspiration to become more productive? 

Then hire Brian Dobbs to be your Motivational Speaker. 

Do you need one-on-one coaching to improve your business? 

Then hire Brian Dobbs to be your personal business coach. 

Do you need long-term, hands-on strategies for specific areas of your life or business? 

Then sign up for Brian’s workshops and products which are designed to create a lasting effect on your personal and professional life.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Life & Business?

Boring careers, failed relationships, and a lack of financial freedom can be a thing of the past when you work with Brian Dobbs.

Each product and service he offers is designed to give you the tools you need to build the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether that’s inspiring talks designed for your company culture, or workshops that show you step-by-step how to build a successful business, he can show you exactly how to attain your goals.

For over 20 years, he’s worked as a professional helping businesses, individuals, and CEOs create strategies that work for their vision. View testimonials from countless satisfied clients to see how he’s helped them achieve their goals.

If you’re ready to take your life and career to the next level, then contact Brian Dobbs today to learn more about how he can help you. 

Discover Relavate’s Core Values!

Relavate’s Commitment

We believe that the greatest gift is in giving, and our commitment is to make an enormous, positive impact through our connections and our speaking, coaching, and workshop programs.


Is Relavate Right For You?

How can you know if Relavate is right for you? Answer the following questions honestly.

  • Are you fulfilled doing what you’re doing?
  • Are you where you thought you would be in your life, career and relationships?
  • Are you full of joy, satisfaction and rocking this world with impact?
  • Are others following your lead and asking “how you are so happy?”

If you said no to any of these questions, then let Relavate turn your answer into a resounding YES! It’s not difficult to get there.

Relavate will guide you to craft your vision and an action plan that truly speaks to your purpose.

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