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Brian Dobbs — Creator of the Relavate Approach

Brian Dobbs, creator of Relavate and the Relavate Approach, is a professional speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator who is nationally known for motivating individuals and business communities.

Brian understands that everyone has the skills and power within them to achieve whatever they focus on—that power only needs to be unleashed.

The question is, how can you unlock it? How can you tap into your power to make your dreams reality?

The first step is to create a formula that produces the results you want.

Through a combination of the Relavate Strategy and personal experience in business and life, Brian helps people just like you build a successful business while maintaining the perfect work-life balance.

The result?

Genuine happiness, life fulfillment and a true sense of satisfaction with where you are.

But it takes effort on your part.

“Positive results are not an accident.” - Brian Dobbs


This statement is the foundation of Brian’s coaching, speaking, and workshops. His purpose is to guide you on a personal and professional journey where you find your purpose and discover how to use that purpose to reach your maximum potential. Brian uses proven Relavate Strategies that go beyond the surface and help you:


  • Build relationships that build businesses
  • Refine your Purpose
  • Build a Legacy
  • Increase Productivity
  • Become more Effective
  • Innovate
  • Align with Organization Goals
  • Focus on Your Community
  • Thrive in Collaborative Environments
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