Redefine – Relate – Elevate – Revelation

Want to see your business grow to the next level?


Relavate Coaching will push you towards successful careers and profitable businesses WHILE being successful and prosperous in your personal life.




Brian Dobbs created the Relavate Perspective – a way to think about your business that redefines, relates, elevates, and revelates. As your coach, he will lead, guide, inspire, motivate, challenge, and cheer you on to personal and professional success.

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Do you need a business coach? Look over these statements. If any are true for you, then the answer is a resounding YES!



✔ I own a business that I want to see grow to the next level.

✔ I could use the objectivity of someone that has business experience.

✔ I sometimes have trouble seeing the big picture.

✔ I get bogged down in the minute details of running my business.

✔ I find myself throwing my hands in the air when problems creep up.

✔ I find it easier to come up with solutions when I collaborate.

✔ I know I need an out-of-the-box solution, but don’t know which way to turn.


The truth is, everyone needs a business coach.

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Coaching Relationships Add Value


Many people are surprised at the value the coaching relationship adds to their accomplishments.

I first spoke to Brian before I was ready to hire a coach.  After one conversation with him, I knew I had to hire him if I wanted to get to the next level in Real Estate. Selling Real Estate is a mindset, communication, and  relationship business, and it is not easy!  I knew in that call that he would help me focus on the right things, and not just tell me to MAKE THE CALLS.  I look forward to every call we have and think, ‘What is he going to teach me next?’

-Dawn Loding

Brian will provide you with the Relavate System, support, guidance, logic, and his own passion to keep you invigorated and wanting more.


He will help you figure out your next step

to open up endless possibilities

for you and your business.

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What You’ll Receive From Relavate Coaching


Your coaching program will be tailored for you and give you:


  • New strategies

  • A sustainable action plan

  • A spiritual element to balance your life

Goal = Increase your personal well-being to radically grow your business


Each coaching program is comprehensive and will help you:


  • Take your business from sole proprietorship to building a scalable model and team.
  • Identify and eliminate gaps and blind spots.
  • Establish the foundational principles and systems needed to generate positive cash flow, streamlined tracking, conversion, and results.
  • Implement and execute strategies to increase production.
  • Maximize efficiency while achieving the financial success desired.
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How To Work With Relavate


There are three ways to begin coaching with Relavate:


  1. Mastermind Monthly Group Sessions

    Each session lasts 1.5 hours and has up to 12 people per group. Sessions are help on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of every month at 1 PM Eastern / 12 PM Central / 11 AM Mountain / 10 AM Pacific

  1. Bi-Weekly Individual coaching sessions

    Each session lasts one hour every other week. Please contact Relavate for open time slots.

  1. Weekly Individual coaching sessions

    Each session lasts one hour each week. Please contact Relavate for open time slots.

Start with a Free Coaching Session

contact-us-relavate-coaching and speaking


Contact Relavate today to try a free 30-minute coaching session. Brian will give you the Relavate perspective about what is not working in your business and why. You’ll come away with gems that, if implemented, will help your business grow.


Just 30 minutes with Brian and you’ll know that Relavate is what you and your business need to soar.

What Others Are Saying About Relavate

“Truly amazing and gifted beyond a doubt! Brian, creator of Relavate, possesses a refreshing and unique style to his coaching. I’ve met and worked with several other coaches and he’s the first to address my business from such a holistic and relationship-based perspective. I love that he forces me to think in a non-traditional way, and I always feel completely supported. I am growing both professionally and personally based on his level of commitment to my success.”
Nicole Blase Arnold, Interior Expressions

“I decided to give his coaching a try. Not really knowing what I wanted other than some focus of direction, I have met with Brian twice a month since January. I have to say that this young man is nothing short of amazing. With the help of his Relavate Coaching, I have become much more focused, not only professionally, but in my personal life as well. I am currently developing a new business plan that will include using my knowledge and skills as a Certified Professional Coach, a certification I pursued and recently received as a result of Brian’s coaching. Thank you Brian. You are the best. I know that with you as my resource, I will conquer all challenges that I may face in the future.”


George Elwell