There is a Rhythm and stride that comes with success. Too often we give way to erratic, spontaneous and sporadic decisions hoping that they will produce the desired results that we are looking for. The antithesis is that we can be extremely motivated, know what we must do and sit staring the project in the face with zero activity.

Where is the balance found with the compulsive activities and the stagnant inactivity? The answer lies in finding your rhythm. You could also call it finding you stride. This occurs when you find out what you should do and break it down into incremental pieces that you put into motion each day consistently over a long period of time. Basically, you are creating a routine for your success. This principle applies to both personal and professional goals. While there is not one perfect way that fits all there are ways to find your perfect rhythm.

Let’s take prospecting for new clients for instance. You need to increase your sales and generate cash flow and quick. You write out your goals, make your plan and have your leads ready for you when you walk into the office. The clock strikes 9am and you are on it, 100 hundred calls per day. The numbers looked great on paper and you know that if you follow this plan by the end of the Q1 you will be rolling with sales. Day 1, you make your calls and it wasn’t that bad and even the after the first week turned it out to be pretty good. Week 2, you get bombarded with emails, your car needed to have the oil changed and the kids needed to be picked up early. No worries, you decide to roll the calls forward to the next day and there goes the momentum that you spent building.

Here is prospecting with Rhythm in mind. The goal is to find your max, meaning what is the maximum number of calls that you can make in this particular time block. Once you have identified the maximum number of calls then you need to take 60% of them and do those consistently for the next several weeks. When it becomes a routine, a habit and easy to do then you can incrementally add to your number. You will discover that you are building confidence and endurance while being consistent to win the race.  This is when you feel the positive confidence of winning the day.