Redefine – Relate – Elevate – Revelation

Relavate offers a diverse array of workshops designed specifically for your business. Although each workshop follows Relavate Principles and Concepts, no two workshops are alike.

Relavate Workshops Are:




Jammed With Take-Aways,

And Always Include Lots of AH-HA Moments

Wherever you find yourself or business, Relavate Workshops can help.

You’ll want to bring in Relavate over and over again to achieve your highest potential!




Brian Dobbs, creator of the Relavate Approach, will show up to your business with a white board, dry erase marker, and his extensive experience as he guides you and your employees to increased success, growth, and results.

Invest in your business today with a Relavate Workshop as Brian teaches you to apply the Relavate Model.